Protocols Convey

The application makes the conveyancing process fast and efficient by reducing data entry duplication and errors.

Task Calendar is the feature of the applications which prevents deadlines from being missed. This single view of outstanding tasks allows for the user to prioritise which tasks should be completed immediately and plan for tasks which will be due in the near future.

Conveyancing Process is a list of transaction steps leads the user through the process of conveyancing. Details entered for earlier steps will be automatically populated in to subsequent steps reducing data entry errors and reducing the time and effort to complete the process. The easily followed process allows for less experienced users to complete the transaction freeing more senior staff for other tasks.

Client Search allows the user to find clients and transactions in the application is incredibly easy, allowing the user to search using a variety of criteria.

Document Templates are provided for all of the standard conveyancing process steps. Information is prepopulated into the documents ready to be sent, emailed or faxed to the recipient.

Process Maintenance allows updating of the process and document templates provided 'out of the box' should meet the needs of most legal firms, however the application allows for easy modification of any of these transactions, steps or document templates. This flexibility allows for the application to met your process, rather than having to change well established processes fit in with the application.